Thank you for exhibiting at Strategies in Light Europe 2016! As an exhibitor or sponsor of Strategies in Light Europe we would like to provide you with complimentary marketing tools to increase traffic and promote your booth to YOUR customers.

Click the options below for marketing material to increase traffic to your booth. Questions or issues using the marketing tools below? Please contact Crispin Coulson at Browse the options below to start promoting your booth at Strategies in Light Europe.


Registration Banner Ads

Add a Strategies in Light Europe Banner Ad to your website to gain brand recognition and help increase show floor traffic.
Select the appropriate size for your website and link it to the Strategies in Light Europe 'REGISTER' page ->


Approved Logos

Where Can You Put Logos?
With Your Booth # in Your Email Signature
Your website
Your marketing materials
Your email promotions


Customisable Banner ads

Add your booth number to these joint banner ads to promote your presence (PhotoShop required to edit the banners)


Writable Invitation Ticket

Use to this writable PDF invitation ticket to invite your customers to attend the Strategies In Light Europe exhibition.   


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